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February 2020


Bloomberg Law's highly-anticipated Brief Analyzer was released February 10th to all Bloomberg Law complete subscribers. This AI-powered tool automates steps in traditional legal brief analysis, expediting the review and evaluation of cited authorities and suggesting additional resources for review.

The new litigation tool is easy to use. Simply upload or drag and drop a brief as indicated on the Brief Analyzer landing page. In seconds, Brief Analyzer will:

  • Display the brief and analysis in a side-by-side comparison
  • Suggest relevant content not cited in the brief, providing detailed reasons for the suggestions
  • Enhance your research by integrating practice tools such as BCiteSM, Points of Law, and Docket Key® into the brief analysis
  • Link to additional resources on our platform including similar briefs and Practical Guidance

Brief Analyzer is available from Popular Links on the Bloomberg Law homepage and via the Litigation Intelligence Center.


SEC Standards of Care

Bloomberg Law's new collection of SEC Standards of Care Practical Guidance will help you navigate one of the SEC's most significant recent rulemaking efforts, providing legal or compliance advice ahead of the June 2020 deadline for Regulation Best Interest and Form CRS. The rules are aimed at strengthening the standards of care governing the relationships between broker-dealers and investment advisers with their customers. The new Practical Guidance documents provide an overview of these requirements and interpretations of investment advisory principles, guidance on compliance considerations, and best practice tips on implementation. This new Practical Guidance is available on the In Focus: SEC Regulation Best Interest page.


Labor & Employment

A new Local L&E Coverage page is available on the Labor & Employment Practice Center under Laws & Regulations. This page describes the scope of Bloomberg Law's local L&E content coverage and provides a list of all covered localities and topics. It compiles our local materials and tools, including Local Quick Reference Charts, state Chart Builders, a state preemption map, and links to municipal ordinances.


The Gap in CCPA-Compliant Privacy Notices

Read Mark Smith's new Analysis article, inspecting all of Gap, Inc.'s online consumer privacy notices and information and comparing them to the requirements of the newly effective California Consumer Privacy Act. It provides a clear point-by-point examination of how the largest consumer retailer based in California has executed the obligations now facing any entity covered by the new law.

January 2020


Corporate Transactions

The new Acquisition Finance Step-by-Step Practical Guidance collection provides a general overview of the steps and documentation required for typical forms of funding used to finance the acquisition of a business. These materials are for in-house and law firm transactional attorneys working on strategic acquisitions on behalf of corporate or financial investors such as private equity funds. The collection augments both Bloomberg Law's M&A and Finance materials. Acquisition Finance Practical Guidance is available on the Transactional Practical Guidance Library, the Commercial Lending page, and the Practical Guidance homepage.


Telehealth Practical Guidance includes a new set of sample agreements, forms, and checklists that can be used by practitioners in operating a telehealth services provider company or working with providers wishing to operate a telehealth program. Featuring documents from Amy F. Lerman of Epstein Becker & Green, P.C., the collection offers guidance on developing a telehealth business model, identifying key compliance risk areas, addressing privacy and data security issues, and contracting with physicians and vendors. It also includes practitioner perspectives from the American Health Lawyers Association on an array of issues related to telehealth services. It is available on the Health Practice Center, the Health Information & Technology Page, and the Practical Guidancehomepage.


Bloomberg Law's new suite of Litigation Finance Practical Guidance will help users navigate this complex and growing industry. The new guidance covers litigation finance industry basics, funding terms and structures, legal ethics, client types, and more. A link to this content can be found on the In Focus: Litigation Finance page and the Practical Guidance homepage.

New Practical Guidance Resource Type

Bloomberg Law has introduced a new type of annotated contract-related Practical Guidance, Sample Clauses, which allow lawyers to "import" specific clauses they need into an existing contract. This content is especially valuable to in-house counsel and other lawyers who work with different types of contracts.


A budget bill enacted December 20th incorporates the "Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act" (SECURE Act), which includes numerous retirement provisions. Coverage of the new act has been added to the Benefits and Executive Compensation Practice Center, which includes a new SECURE Act tile at the top of the homepage. It features the SECURE Act language that affects retirement and healthcare plans as well as a Secure Act Summary and Secure Act Roadmap. More analysis and tools will be added to the practice center in the coming weeks.

The new Employee Benefits COLA Chart on the Benefits and Executive Compensation Practice Center includes retirement and cost of living adjustments for 2020. The chart includes annual IRS limitations for qualified retirement plans, IRAs, health and welfare benefits, fringe benefits, and social security benefits alongside related Internal Revenue Code sections and regulations.


Court Analytics adds another dimension to Litigation Analytics, providing aggregate motion and appeal outcome rates and aggregate length of case statistics, with a comparison option between jurisdictions and filtering by company, law firm, and attorney appearances. It offers strategic insights into venue selection and the jurisdictional history of law firms, attorneys, and companies.

Litigation Analytics – including Court Analytics – is available under "Popular Links" on the Bloomberg Law homepage and on the Litigation Intelligence Center landing page (hyperlink to "Litigation Analytics Dashboard")


Docket Key search functionality has been expanded to all federal district courts. Now, users can search all federal district courts for access to briefs, motions, orders, and additional filings – 20 filing types in all.

It is featured prominently in the Dockets Search template, available from "Popular Links" on the Bloomberg Law homepage and GO Bar search, and in the Find A Court Filing tile on the Litigation Intelligence Center.


New interactive Table of Contents functionality has been added to the collection of Books & Treatises and Manuals on Bloomberg Law. The functionality allows users to quickly and easily navigate to any part of a treatise or manual. Previously, this functionality had been added to our collection of Portfolios.