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MARCH 2021


A new In Focus: Remote Workpage helps employers and practitioners navigate the myriad employment and labor law issues created by the exponential growth of the remote workforce during the pandemic. The new page provides one-stop access to comprehensive coverage of legal obligations under federal laws such as the ADA and FLSA, as well as coverage of state and local developments that impact employers with teleworking employees. The page includes reference materials, Fast Answers, Chart Builders, Trackers, Practical Guidance, and a filtered stream of Bloomberg Law News and Insights, Analysis, and more. Available on the Labor & Employment Practice Center and the In Focus Resources homepage.


Privacy & Data Security Legal Developments Tracker

A new Privacy & Data Security Legal Developments Trackercovers international and U.S. federal and state legal developments after January 1, 2021 that impact legal and regulatory compliance. The Tracker provides access to final legislation, final and temporary regulations, official agency interpretations and guidance, recommendations, assessments, reports, and FAQ documents, as well as selected executive orders, court orders, and notices. Available on the Privacy & Data Security Practice Center and the Trackers homepage, it replaces the Upcoming Enactments Timeline, GDPR Interpretation & Guidance Tracker, and Member State GDPR Implementation Tracker, all archived, with an improved format and expanded coverage.

Federal Health Regulation Tracker

A new Federal Health Regulation Trackerprovides summaries of regulatory developments from the Department of Health and Human Services and its subagencies, including, among others, FDA, CMS, CDC, HRSA, and OCR. It also covers health-related actions from agencies and subagencies outside of HHS. Coverage includes notices, proposals, and rules published in the Federal Register, as well as key sub-regulatory guidance. The Tracker offers a number of filtering options and custom alerts functionality. Available on the Health Practice Center and the Trackers homepage.


The new Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Rights Chart Builder provides comprehensive information regarding employers' responsibilities to employees who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It covers state employment laws generally applicable to the private sector that prohibit pregnancy discrimination and require provision of reasonable workplace accommodations, break time, leave, and health benefits. This new resource replaces the Breastfeeding Rightsstate comparison chart and allows users to design charts across multiple jurisdictions and topics. Available on the Labor & Employment Practice Center and the Chart Builders homepage.


Among titles updated recently are Age Discrimination in Employment Law, Anatomy of a Patent Case, Privacy in Employment Law, and Vaccine, Vaccination, and Immunization Law. Privacy in Employment Law includes revised chapters covering employer-initiated COVID-19 screenings and Fourth Amendment protection of employee's social media posts. The last listed title includes a new chapter Anti-Vaccine Activism and the Law and updated information on COVID-19.


Federal Transition Issues

A new page, Federal Transition Issues: Health, identifies federal agency policies, guidance, rulemaking, and other activities affecting the health care industry that were initiated during the end of the Trump administration and the first months of the Biden administration.

Available on the Health Practice Center, the new topic page includes transition-related news reports, client alerts, and rules, guidance, and policies implemented on the following topics:

  • Affordable Care Act changes
  • Covid-19 Pandemic Response
  • Telehealth
  • Surprise Billing
  • Opioids and Mental Health
  • Medicare & Medicare Advantage
  • Medicaid Work Requirements
  • Maternal Health Issues



A new Practical Guidance topic page covering Chapters 7, 9, 12 and 15 provides explanations of, and guidance around, the less frequently filed chapters of the bankruptcy code, including municipal, cross-border, and agricultural bankruptcies. The overviews, checklists, and comparison tables are integrated with other tools such as Smart Code, BCite, court opinion searches; and links to relevant Bloomberg Law: Bankruptcy Treatise sections and related Pratical Guidance documents. Available on the Bankruptcy Practice Center.


ANALYSIS: Post-Merger SPAC Performance Is Mixed examines recent results of companies' performance and suggests that private companies considering a SPAC may wish to take a close look at this data.



Merger Agreement Enhancements

Bloomberg Law's Draft Analyzer tool applies algorithms to the millions of documents filed as exhibits in EDGAR so you can benchmark your agreement against the market standard.

Bloomberg Law's latest enhancements to Draft Analyzer for merger agreements include:

  • Interactive clause outline to speed document navigation
  • Embedded, linked definitions and on-point drafting and negotiating guidance
  • Improved AI and additional filters to ensure drafts are market standard

Draft Analyzer is available on the Transactional Intelligence Center or by typing Draft Analyzer in the GO Bar on the Bloomberg Law homepage.

See the new video about Draft Analyzer's market-standard language feature on YouTube.


Topically organized Fast Answersprovides quick answers to essential legal questions and serves as a gateway to primary source and secondary reference materials on Bloomberg Law. The collection currently has over 1,000 Fast Answers across a number of topics – Banking, Cannabis, Employment, ERISA Litigation, Health, Intellectual Property, Labor, Privacy, andSecurities – and includes a number of filtering options. Fast Answers is available on relevant Practice Centers or by typing Fast Answers in the GO Bar on the Bloomberg Law homeage.


The new Guide to Retirement Plan Designs covers tax code and ERISA requirements for employers designing retirement plans for their employees. Incorporating the expertise of top practitioners, the Guide contains concise and comprehensive information on key design features for employer-sponsored plans, including traditional and safe harbor 401(k) plans, specialized plans including 403(b) plans, 457(b) plans, cash balance and hybrid plans, church plans, ESOPs, small business and multiple employer plans, and defined benefit plans. It is available on the Benefits & Executive Compensation Practice Center.


Points of Law, Bloomberg Law's award-winning caselaw research tool, uses machine learning and AI technology to isolate language essential to a court's reasoning. Our latest enhancement to the tool enables you to run customized searches over court opinions that cite a specific Point of Law. By selecting the Citing Opinions radio button and executing a keyword search, your keywords will be highlighted in the new, filtered search results.


Contract Drafting

A new In Focus: Contract Draftingpage showcases Bloomberg Law's contract drafting resources. The page offers a starting point for contract drafters of various levels of experience and across practice areas, and addresses persistent customer interest in form/sample contracts and other documents. The release of this page coincides with the recent launch of the Draft Analyzer merger agreement enhancements, which is featured prominently in the tool. The new page is available on the In Focus Resources homepage and on the Transactional Intelligence Center.


This new In Focus: Biometricspage collects resources addressing the developing and complicated landscape of biometric data. The page provides a destination for privacy professionals to find developments, news, and litigation tracking they need when making decisions about the collection, use, storage, deletion, and loss remediation of biometric data such as physical traits or biological measurements that can be used to identify an individual. The new page is available on the In Focus Resources homepage and on the Privacy & Data Security Practice Center.


ESG Risk Management Topic Page

Investors and stakeholders increasingly view ESG and climate risks as factors that can materially impact companies' operations and financial performance. The ESG Risk Management topic page provides guidance around a number of common risks under five categories – general, financial, compliance, litigation, and transactional. The new page provides a solid foundation to help corporate clients navigate the very broad scope of ESG risks and learn about best practices for managing them. It is available onthe Practical Guidance homepage and in the Corporate Practical Guidance Library.

Addressing Workplace Bias and Discrimination Topic Page

The new Addressing Workplace Bias & Discrimination topic page provides holistic and actionable guidance on creating a workplace committed to anti-bias and nondiscrimination. The page contains overviews, checklists, sample policies, professional perspectives, curated Chart Builder displays, example searches, and comparison tables from across Bloomberg Law practice areas. It is available on the Practical Guidance homepageand the Labor & Employment Practical Guidance Library.


ANALYSIS: Pregnancy Bias Suits Keep Rising Amid Pandemic addresses the increase in federal court filings, and the ongoing impacts of Covid-19 and the economic downturn that are likely to exacerbate this trend.



ALM Media (ALM) national and state legal news, verdicts, and expert profiles are now available on Bloomberg Law. The ALM offering includes:

  • More than 3,000 new pieces of original news reporting per month and archived news from ALM media brands such as The National Law Journal, Corporate Counsel, and New York Law Journal
  • Case reports for more than 200,000 state and federal verdicts from every state and U.S. territory
  • Over 15,000 profiles of expert witnesses, investigators, and litigation support professionals

All ALM content is hosted on an ALM landing page.


U.S. Privacy & Data Security State Overview

The new U.S. Privacy & Data Security State Overview Chart Builder provides comparative legal analysis of numerous topics across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Available on the Privacy & Data Security Practice Center.

International Trade

The addition of a U.S. trade profile for the International Import Requirements Chart Builder provides customizable at-a-glance overviews of tariffs, taxes, licensing, documentation, and standards requirements for a range of product categories imported into the U.S. The Chart Builder is available on the International Trade Practice Center (under jurisdictions, select United States).


A new Surveys, Reports & Data Analysis page hosts all Bloomberg Law survey reports in one convenient location, including more than 20 surveys fielded over the past two years.


Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs)

A new In Focus: SPACs resource page focuses on an investment that has become very popular during 2020: special purpose acquisition companies, commonly called SPACs. This type of investment involves creation of a new entity and an IPO of that entity, a targeted search for a corporation suitable for a reverse merger, and completion of the merger. The page contains news and analysis, Practical Guidance, reference materials, and additional coverage. This In Focus page will be of particular interest to in-house counsel and law firm attorneys who focus on transactions and capital markets, especially those who deal with M&A and IPOs. Available on the In Focus homepage, the Transactional Intelligence Center, and the Securities Practice Center.


New federal statutes and regulations searches have been added to the Hemp Developments and Cannabis Developments tiles on the In Focus: Cannabis page. Each link will take you to a search results page of codified statutes or regulations. Alerts can be created from the search results page to track the latest developments.



Practical Guidance coverage for Chapter 13 and Voluntary Chapter 11 have been expanded on their respective topic pages. Two new containers of Chapter 13 guidance – Plan and Cofirmation; Chapter 13 Case Management – have been added, providing an explanation of, and guidance around, drafting and confirming a Chapter 13 plan and managing the case through to discharge. For Chapter 11, essential case opening documents for individual and commercial cases have been added. Available on the Bankruptcy Practice Center and the Practical Guidance homepage.


A new international trade profile was added to the Export Guide covering U.S. import requirements. This profile addresses common requirements for importing commercial goods into the United States, including tariffs, licensing, documentation, product standards, customs regulations, free trade agreement provisions, and sanctions. Analysis of the requirements is supported by laws, regulations, and agency guidance. The profile is available via the drop-down list of Country Profiles (select United States) on the International Trade Practice Center.


New, more comprehensive IP legislative and regulatory searches with alerting functionality are available on Bloomberg Law, including:

These legislative and regulatory searches replaced the IP legislative and regulatory Trackers that appeared previously on the IP practice centers.


ANALYSIS: The SEC Is Not a Data Breach Agency. Overburdening the SEC with disclosure collection and dissemination mandates not related to protecting investors run the risk of distracting the SEC from its core mission and failing to ensure that the information needed by victims of cyber breaches actually reaches them in a tmely manner.

December 2020


Bloomberg Law 2021, a public access website, examines issues resulting from the pandemic, global market volatility, and the U.S. election.

The new series, authored by a team of expert analysts, focuses on four overarching themes:

  • Litigation – including major trends across contractual disputes, international commercial bankruptcies, antitrust enforcement, and litigation finance
  • Transactions & Markets – exploring developments in M&A, public and capital markets, supply chain structures, and privacy and data security issues
  • Future of the Legal Industry – including shifts that will impact legal careers, the business of law, legal technology, and remote work
  • ESG – examining changes in corporate governance as well as developments around disclosure, board diversity, and climate-related financial risk


GDPR Derogations

The new GDPR Derogations Chart Builder allows users to quickly generate a customized chart showing how local implementation of the GDPR varies for 15 member states. Additional member states will be added to the tool over time. The new chart is available on the Privacy & Data Security Practice Center's homepageand the Chart Builders homepage.


A new version of Covenants Not to Compete: A State-by-State Surveydelivers essential information practitioners need to analyze, draft, and confidently litigate covenants not to compete and other restrictive covenants in the employment, partnership, franchise, license, and sale-of-business contexts. Using a uniform topic structure that provides a comparative view across states, this treatise is invaluable for lawyers with a multi-jurisdictional practice, as well as for those seeking persuasive authority from a specific state.


A redesigned Anti-Money Laundering Enforcement Trackeron the Banking & Finance Practice Center includes a new interface. All AML enforcement actions now display in a dynamic format that includes taxonomy-based filters that allow users to move easily between narrow groups of enforcement actions and the full set. This display offers a much cleaner, simpler experience. For now, the dynamic display will apply to actions from the beginning of 2019. Prior actions have been archived in the full static tracker format as a labeled link in the Trackers & Analytics dropdown menu on the Banking & Finance Practice Center homepage.

PODCAST: Black Lawyers Speak

Bloomberg Law has launched Black Lawyers Speak, a six-part podcast series that provides a firsthand perspective on how Black lawyers are navigating the legal space as people of color – and how law firms are recruiting more diverse lawyers and addressing barrier-to-entry issues.


ANALYSIS: Four Spots Biden Is Likely to Reverse SEC Deregulation. In a Biden administration, a reconstituted SEC led by a Democratic chair and consisting of a Democratic majority will most likely launch an active rulemaking agenda, roll back Trump-era regulations, and step up its enforcement and inspections programs.


A new Federal Transition Issues: Labor & Employmentpage identifies federal agency policies, guidance, rulemaking, and other activities initiated during the Trump administration affecting employers and labor unions that may come under scrutiny as a result of the recent election. Links to relevant news reports, primary source documents, and reference materials are organized by agency. Among the topics covered are:

  • the H-1B visa program
  • the Department of Labor independent contractor rule
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission collection of pay data
  • Department of Labor wage and hour regulations

The new page is available via the Election 2020 link on the Labor & Employment Practice Center homepage.


Users now have access to Brief Analyzer Tour Mode , which allows them to learn more about Brief Analyzer'sfeatures while using the tool. The new Tour Mode will, by default, be turned on for the first upload of a brief and can be turned off at any time. Pulsing purple nodes will appear in various sections of the tool. Users can click on these nodes to see what a feature does and the value it adds.

November 2020


Bloomberg Law has added four new offerings to its library of training videos on the Bloomberg Law Product Help page. The new videos cover Litigation Analytics, Bloomberg Law Analysis, In Focus Resources, and Chart Builders. In addition, several training videos, including Brief Analyzer, have been updated. Each video, several minutes in length, covers a key component of Bloomberg Law's unique offering of content, tools, and functionality.


Bloomberg Law News articles offer new features on the right side of the page, including links to:

  • Documents , such as opinions and dockets related to the story
  • Related Articles
  • Law Firms, Companies, and Topics mentioned in the story. Click on these to see recent stories featuring these entities

Three news channels have been added to Bloomberg Law – Energy, Immigration, and Capital Markets – covering the latest regulatory and business news for each topic.


ANALYSIS: In M&A Contract Drafting, Who Holds the Pen? The results of Bloomberg Law's M&A Deal Insights 2020 survey offer a view into how work is assigned to in-house and external deal teams – and how they feel about it.

ANALYSIS: Legal Tech Is Helping Lawyers, But Where's the Love? While lawyers are far from willing to entirely dismiss legal tech as a workflow tool, they are only somewhat happy with how tech is affecting their day-to-day work.



New Practical Guidance covering Virtual Litigation Issues has been added in response to the new, remote office experience of many practitioners. It includes pieces providing tips and perspectives on preparing for, and conducting, various virtual proceedings.

New coverage of UCC Article 2 has been added to Bloomberg Law's Contract Actions Practical Guidance. It includes overviews; a checklist to help determine whether the UCC, common law, or a state or federal regulatory scheme governs a matter; and a comparison table pointing users to select articles of the UCC on sale of goods, negotiable instruments, and secured transactions for all 50 states and D.C.

Litigation Practical Guidance is accessible via the Litigation Intelligence Center and the Practical Guidance homepage.

Lactation Accommodation

A new set of state-specific Practical Guidance documents has been added to the employment collection to help employers accommodate workers who need to breastfeed during their workday. The documents include pointers to help employers navigate federal and state requirements during the pandemic and beyond. The new documents are available in the dropdown menus on the New & Expecting Parents topic page and the Employee Handbook Toolkit.

ESG Topic Page

A new ESG Social Considerations Practical Guidance topic page is dedicated to the social component of environmental, social, and governance matters. Although social is a broad category, this page provides context including introductory content for some of the larger issues such as Human Capital, Human Rights, and Supply Chain. It provides broad subject overviews, checklists for establishing programs, and sample policies.

The Human Capital Management documents focus on disclosure, board and labor issues, and some diversity guidance. The Human Rights documents guide users through establishing a program with more detailed information around trafficking, environmental justice, and indigenous rights. The Supply Chain documents explain some fundamental supply chain management issues like human rights, fair trade, and conflict minerals, and provide guidance for establishing a policy. The new topic page is available via the Corporate Practical Guidance Library.


The new Executive Compensation Guide covers the complex world of executive pay arrangements. Including the expertise of top practitioners, the Guide provides coverage of drafting considerations for employment, consulting, and severance agreements; benefit plan design for executive talent; funding and accounting issues; SEC and ERISA reporting and disclosure requirements; I.R.C. Sec. 409A and other tax code implications; corporate governance principles; and litigation and dispute resolution.

The new Guide to Collective Bargaining examines labor contract negotiations, analyzing the legal duties unions and employers have during the negotiations process; the various components and considerations that go into forming the contract; and the actual bargaining process. The Guide also provides legal analysis of the various aspects of the duty to bargain, describes what information must be provided during the bargaining process, and outlines what subjects can and cannot be subject to negotiation.


A new NLRB Filingsdatabase in now available on the Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining page of the Labor & Employment Practice Center. The new database replaces the former NLRB New Filing Finder, which linked out to the National Labor Relation Board's website to show the most recent unfair labor practice and union election representation filings with the NLRB. The new NLRB Filings database is incorporated into the Bloomberg Law platform and allows users to filter by Case Name , Employer , Union , Type of Filing , and NLRB Region.


Professional Perspectives discuss legal developments with an emphasis on the current impact on clients or the practice of law. They are accessible by typing Professional Perspectives in the Find a Document search window on the Practical Guidance homepage. A sampling of recent additions and contributors includes:

Goulston & Storrs: Financial Statement Reps
Proskauer Rose: Considerations for Terminating a 401(k) or Profit-Sharing Plan
Richards Kibbe & Orbe and XPAN Law Group: Remote Bar Exams and Technology Bias
Baker McKenzie: EU Consumer Protection Scrutiny of Terms & Conditions
Patterson Belknap and Bates White Economic Consulting: CLO Structures, Risks, and Participants
Bodhala: Why Data Is Critical to a Lawyer's Success

October 2020


Labor & Employment

Using a new State Law Report Builder, users can generate a customized state law summary covering multiple labor and employment topics for a single jurisdiction. The Report Builder differs from the state L&E Chart Builders, which compare multiple state laws on a single topic. It is available in the State & Local Resources tiles on the L&E Practice Center and the Employment Law practice page.



New Assignment for Benefit of Creditors Chart Builder is designed to help attorneys provide their struggling clients with a faster and more cost effective wind-down strategy. It allows users to quickly compare state laws related to the making and governance of general assignments. It is available on the State Materials tile on the Bankruptcy Practice Center homepage and the Chart Builders homepage.


A new In Focus: Legal Technology page provides Practical Guidance resources related to e-discovery, procurement, provider agreements, tech development, and virtual litigation. The page contains Bloomberg Law's Legal Technology Survey summaries; ABA ethics materials; and curated News, Analysis and Insights article. The new page is available in the Corporate Practice Center, Legal Department Practice Page, and In Focus homepage.



The new Practical Guidance: Universal Bankruptcy Topics page providesexplanation of, and guidance around, bankruptcy topics that are applicable regardless of the governing bankruptcy chapter. Content and topics include:

  • Overviews and a sample form for the automatic stay
  • Overviews and step-by-step guidance for Section 363 and asset sales
  • Overview and annotated forms for Section 501 and proofs of claim
  • Overview, forms, and a checklist for Section 547 and preferences
  • Guidance on transferring venue

A new topic page, Legal Technology Procurement & Provider Agreements Practical Guidance, is available on the Legal Department page on the Corporate Practice Center.


Bloomberg Law has launched a weekly newsletter – Litigation News – bringing readers interesting, insightful, useful, and entertaining weekly content. The coverage includes legal issues generally applicable in litigation; substantive legal developments; deep dives on big wins and profiles on trailblazers; federal courts coverage on judges, high-profile dockets, unusual courthouse news; and more.

Bloomberg Law News has redesigned Newsletters for each of its news channels that are easier to scan, read, and link to sections of interest. The newsletters replace the Highlights email as well as the First Move newsletter; subscribers to both are now receiving a single newsletter each day, as well as other updates as appropriate.


ANALYSIS: Tiffany-LVMH Aside, M&A Party Lawsuits are Outliers: Despite the stresses and upheaval of the Covid-19 crisis, surprisingly few parties to U.S. mergers and acquisitions have filed suit against each other in connection with deals that have come undone or linger in pending status during the pandemic.


Professional Perspectives discuss legal developments with an emphasis on the current impact on clients or the practice of law. These developments may include regulatory or statutory changes, a change in industry or markets, a noteworthy government investigation or regulatory process, or changes in the operation of legal services organizations or departments. They are accessible by typing Professional Perspectives in the Find a Document search window on the Practical Guidance homepage. Recent additions include:


Two new treatises authored in conjunction with the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) have been added to Bloomberg Law:

Another new title, EEO/AA Guide for Federal Contractors, provides concise and comprehensive information on the nondiscrimination and affirmative action compliance requirements for employers that are federal contractors or subcontractors regulated by the DOL's Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).


A new Corporate Practice Series portfolio authored in partnership with the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) has been added to Bloomberg Law. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learningserves as a practical guide for the preparation and prosecution of U.S. artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) patent applications, and for making strategic decisions regarding domestic and foreign filing and prosecution

September 2020


Bloomberg Law's Brief Analyzer identifies and evaluates authorities cited in a brief and creates a detailed report of the analysis. Since its launch earlier this year, Bloomberg Law has continued to enhance the tool, including, most recently:

  • Integration with Bloomberg Law's market-leading Dockets product. Attorneys can now use Bloomberg Law's Docket Key feature to find relevant briefs and, with one click, run an analysis over those briefs
  • Word document support. Attorneys can securely upload drafts of their own briefs to check citations and ensure they have not missed relevant materials without having to convert their documents to PDF
  • Feedback submission button that allows attorneys to suggest improvements directly in the tool
  • Access to a sample brief analysis where attorneys can see the power of Brief Analyzer and explore its features before uploading one of their own briefs



A new Pharmacy Benefit Manager Requirements Chart Builder provides a comparison of state pharmacy benefit manager laws. The chart covers a range of topics relating to the administration and management of prescription drug programs, including licensing and reporting obligations, rebate disclosures, pharmacy audits, maximum allowable cost pricing, and limits on cost-sharing. It is available on the Health Practice Center homepage and the Chart Builders homepage.

Added to the Practice of Telemedicine Chart Builder are state laws and regulations addressing telehealth technologies for certifying or recommending medical cannabis use. Users can find this information in the new "Medical Cannabis Requirements" topic. The chart appears on the Chart Builders homepage and on the Health Practice Center.


REG BI Compliance Page

New Practical Guidance Reg BI Compliance page provides a destination for broker-dealer and investment adviser professionals to find the guidance and professional perspectives they need when making recommendations to retail customers regarding any securities transaction or investment strategy involving securities or regarding the opening of an account The new page is available on the Practical Guidance homepage and the Securities Practical Guidance Library.

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Topic Pages

New Practical Guidance topic pages – Stakeholders, Frameworks & Regulation and Sustainable Business Operations – have been surfaced on the Practical Guidance homepage, the Corporate Practical Guidance Library, and the In Focus: ESG page.

The Stakeholders, Frameworks & Regulation page is intended to guide a user through the foundational elements of corporate ESG issues. It provides broad subject overviews for various stakeholder and practitioner personas, comparisons of the leading ESG frameworks, guidance regarding the current regulatory and enforcement landscape, and a variety of reporting and disclosure guidance including checklists, tables, and forms.

The Sustainable Business Operations page is intended to focus more specifically on those elements of ESG that factor into the nuts and bolts of doing business. It includes examples of corporate ESG policies and programs, overviews and strategy documents regarding climate change and circular economy, and some specific guidance on environmental and energy management.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Page

The redesign of the Anti-Money Laundering practice page in the Banking Practice Center into the new AML Compliance practice page consolidates several types of resources into dropdowns to streamline the user experience. The new practice page also now links to the AML Compliance Practical Guidance page, including overviews, checklists, flowcharts, and sample forms and communications for legal and compliance officers at any entity responsible for complying with anti-money laundering laws and regulations. The new page is also available on the Practical Guidance homepage.


A new State L&E Developments Tracker replaces the Coronavirus – State L&E Developments Tracker and the weekly State Developments Tracker. The comprehensive new tracker incorporates all items in the retired trackers that were reported in 2020 with an improved format. The new name reflects this broadened scope.

This tool provides access to legislation, ordinances, regulations, agency guidance, notices, posters, and selected court decisions for all states and key covered localities. In addition, it includes executive orders, industry-specific guidance, and other documents that specify workplace requirements in response to Covid-19.


The Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility Practice Center, which features the ABA/Bloomberg Law Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct ("MOPC"), now offers more robust autocomplete options. Users can search for any of the MOPC Practice Guide chapters in autocomplete by typing either the Practice Guide name or number into the MOPC search window. State resource pages and state ethics opinion digests are also searchable in MOPC's autocomplete via the state name.


The Health & Welfare Employee Benefits Guide was added to the Benefits & Executive Compensation Practice Center. The Guide contains concise and comprehensive information on key employee benefit plan topics, such as reporting and disclosure; design and funding; consumer-driven health plans; COBRA; and tax and Affordable Care Act requirements. The Guide leverages the expertise of leading practitioners, such as ERISA specialists, litigators, and transactional and compliance attorneys.


Subscribers are now able to view Attorney Analytics and Company Analytics from Bloomberg Law Dockets. This functionality was added previously to Judicial Analytics. The options will only show in the right rail for in-scope dockets, i.e., it must be a judge, a company, or an attorney that is covered in the database.


The Mergers & Antitrust news channel split into its original parts, i.e., Mergers & Acquisitions News and Antitrust News.


ANALYSIS: In M&A Deals the Pandemic Is the New 'Ordinary Course': References to Covid-19 are being woven into covenants regarding "the ordinary course of business." Other pandemic-related trends include the continued presence of MAE carve-outs and other backward- and forward-looking provisions, such as representations and warranties and post-closing covenants that are qualified by references to the pandemic.

August 2020


In Focus: Schrems II was created in response to a landmark ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) regarding cross-border data transfers. The In Focus page provides a one-stop-shop for: Practical Guidance published and updated in response to the CJEU ruling; the primary source material from CJEU, EU agencies, and the Department of Commerce; Bloomberg Law Analysis and Bloomberg Law News coverage; and links to additional Schrems II and GDPR resources across Bloomberg Law. It is available on the Privacy & Data Security Practice Center and the In Focus Resources homepage.


Three new Legal Operations Practical Guidance topic pages – Legal Organization Planning, Outside Legal Services, and Legal Project Management – contain overviews, checklists, flowcharts, and sample forms to assist practitioners in managing their department's business strategy, spend matters, outside relationships, and internal records and knowledge. The new pages are available via In Focus: Legal Operations, which has been revamped so that the Practical Guidance documents are now easily accessible and organized into categories more relevant to legal professionals. The new topic pages are also accessible via the Corporate Practical Guidance Library and Practical Guidance homepage.


A new Practical Guidance suite, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, guides a user through the process of planning for and filing the Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition and related documents. It provides broad subject overviews, as well as detailed annotations for filling out the schedules and forms. The annotations and Practice Tips throughout these documents are integrated with other platform tools such as Points of Law and Smart Code , and link to related Practical Guidance documents. The new Practical Guidance suite is available on the Bankruptcy Practice Center and the Practical Guidance homepage.


The Supreme Court IP Case Developments Tracker, featured in the Practice Tools tile of both the Patent & Trade Secrets and the Trademarks & CopyrightsPractice Centers, contains a link to the Supreme Court docket in the Amici column. This allows users to directly access all amici briefs via one link, and has the benefit of streamlining the table and allowing for real-time access to filings.


Subscribers and trial users can provide their feedback on Brief Analyzer directly within the product. After running a brief analysis, a green Help Us Improve widget displays at the top of the center panel. After clicking this widget, a pop-up will appear with a field to enter feedback.


Judicial Analytics, a component of the Litigation Analytics tool, is now accessible from Bloomberg Law Dockets. This enhancement applies to in-scope , federal , civil dockets for the relevant judge, i.e., a civil docket where the judge is an active federal district court judge and the case type is one covered in the Litigation Analytics database (see Nature of Suit codes.)


With the shift to electronic-only Practice Guides, the citation style of the ABA/Bloomberg Law Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct has eliminated page references. The new citation style is: Law. Man. Prof. Conduct <Division>:<Chapter>.<Section>.

July 2020


In response to new legal developments and trends, Bloomberg Law launched four news channels for Bloomberg Law subscribers, including:

  • Social Justice News, including legislation, regulation, trends, case law, and analysis focused on the justice system, employment law, health care access, the environment, and corporate and law firm business practices
  • The Private Equity channel, covering significant legal and business developments involving Private Equity companies and the firms they own
  • The Cannabis channel, reporting on legal and business issues faced by the cannabis industry, across all practice areas
  • Insurance Law, covering legal and business issues for the insurance industry with an initial focus on business interruption issues resulting from the pandemic


A new Return to Work Practical Guidance suite includes 12 documents responding to companies' stated needs to understand the complicated and intertwined issues related to bringing office-based employees back to the workplace following work-from-home orders during the pandemic. This Practical Guidance is intended to help companies design and implement policies and procedures for the return of employees to the office. Available in the Coronavirus Toolkit in the Return to Worksite tile and in the Labor & Employment Practical Guidance Library.

Two new pages covering Contract Actions and Contract Defenses have been added to Bloomberg Law's offering of Litigation Practical Guidance. This new coverage explains different contract-based causes of action, addressing the demand for state-specific precedent through Points of Law citations and curated court opinion searches. This content will be helpful to both junior associates new to the practice of law and to more senior associates who may be pivoting in the economic downturn towards more general commercial litigation matters that focus on contract disputes.

A new State Price Gouging tool has been added to the Practice Tools tile on the Litigation Resources page. Covering relevant statutes in 19 jurisdictions, this new Practical Guidance includes an overview document and comparison chart. Relevant price gouging statutes are often triggered by a state of emergency, such as the Covid-19 pandemic.


A new U.S. Contact Tracing Programs Tracker has been added to the In Focus: Coronavirus (Covid-19) page in the Trackers & State Developments container. Many states have launched contact tracing efforts to mitigate the effects of Covid-19. These programs are now tracked on the Privacy & Data Security Practice Center in the U.S. State Privacy Profiles within the Emerging Issues and Outlook section. The profiles include laws passed, apps launched or in development, and the type of technology used, as well as details about how the personal information is collected and used.


In Focus: Cannabis has added new content, including:

  • State Industrial Hemp Programs quick reference chart
  • Hemp Development tile including recent state legislation and rulemaking, and more
  • Latest News tile, including stories from the new Cannabis news channel

All Practical Guidance pages can now be located via autocomplete in the Search Bar on the Bloomberg Law homepage. Additionally, a Professional Perspectives Search has been added to autocomplete. Selecting this option from the Search Bar will pull up a search results page of all Professional Perspectives on the Bloomberg Law platform

June 2020


Bloomberg Law 2020: Moving Forward & Looking Ahead is a relaunch of Bloomberg Law's public access website reflecting the transition from the initial emergency response to Covid-19 to short- and long-term strategic planning issues resulting from the recent economic downturn. Our release of 30+ analyses examines the overarching themes of business and industry, global impact, legal markets, and transactions, with specific coverage of:

• Litigation and enforcement trends

• Bankruptcy trends

• Pandemic privacy issues

• Employment/worker classification developments

• Legal careers and litigation finance during downturn

• Nontraditional finance

• M&A and private equity trends

• Force majeure


In Focus: Benefits & Executive Compensation in an Uncertain Economy resource page covers employee benefits issues that occur in a slowing economy and a client's or organization's obligations under ERISA, the tax code, and recent legislation.

For law firms, this tool pulls together all available resources necessary for corporate attorneys and employee benefits and bankruptcy specialists to help their clients make difficult decisions and manage liability risk. In-house benefits counsel can utilize these resources to work with senior management, plan administrators, and human resources staff to ensure appropriate compliance and communication to employees with respect to their options regarding their pensions, 401(k) or other retirement accounts, and health care plans and other benefits affected by corporate downsizings or terminations.


A new Practical Guidance suite dedicated to Voluntary Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Proceedings guides users through the stages of filing an individual or non-individual voluntary chapter 11 bankruptcy. It provides broad subject overviews, as well as detailed annotations for filing out the schedules and forms. Available on the Bankruptcy Practice Center and the Practical Guidance homepage.

Step-by-Step: At the Market Offerings Practical Guidance provides a general overview of the steps and documentation required for the issuance of additional securities into the marketplace by an already public-reporting company. At the market (ATM) offerings are a type of shelf offering that helps companies raise capital at relatively low cost and with a great deal of control over both the number of shares sold and the timing of those sales. New Practical Guidance is available in the Registered Offerings Tile of the Transactional Intelligence Center Practical Guidance Library, in the Public Offerings Tile of the Securities Practice Center's Practical Guidance Library, and in the Corporate Transactions tile of the Practical Guidance homepage.

The Energy Project Finance and Real Estate Project Finance Step-by-Step Practical Guidance provide general overviews of the steps and documentation required for the financing of energy and real estate projects while protecting the other assets held by the project sponsor, the principal company behind the project. These materials are for in-house and law firm transactional attorneys working for one of the many parties involved in the project, such as the project sponsor, owner, operator, contractor, project manager, supplier, customer, investor or governmental authority. This new content is available in the Transactional Practical Guidance Library, on the Commercial Lending page under Practical Guidance (Forms & Guidance), and on the Practical Guidance homepage under Corporate Transactions (Finance).

Seven new states – Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington – have been added to the chart in the Force Majeure & Related Contract Defenses Practical Guidance document. The comparison table summarizes how courts in the selected states may address contractual nonperformance in commercial contracts when the contract itself does not expressly list the specific event (such as coronavirus) that is actually relied upon as a supervening cause.


The Insurance Coverage of Telehealth Services Chart Builder now tracks Covid-19 state regulations and legislation related to insurance coverage of telemedicine. The Chart Builder includes emergency rules, proposed rules, and notices. New regulations and legislation will be added as they become available. The Chart Builder appears on the In Focus: Telehealth page in the State Law and Regulations container, as well as the Health Practice Center, Health Information & Technology practice page, the Chart Builder home page.

New information regarding Personal Protective Equipment such as requirements for protective gear has been added to the Occupational Safety Chart Builder.


A new state content tool – the Coronavirus – Return to Work Tracker – provides access to Covid-19-related developments as state and local governments issue guidance or directives to employers to safeguard their employees or customers as states and localities re-open in stages following coronavirus pandemic lockdowns. Coverage includes public health, occupational safety, respiratory protection, sick leave, workplace planning and protection, and other topics, broken down by industry, jurisdiction, type of document, and enacted and effective dates (if any). The Tracker is available in the Trackers & State Developments box on the In Focus: Coronavirus (Covid-19) page and the Trackers homepage.


ANALYSIS: Zoom, Slack Muscle Onto Top Silicon Valley List - The newly released Fenwick – Bloomberg Law SV 150 List, ranking the 150 largest public technology and life sciences companies in Silicon Valley by revenue, provides strong evidence that the Valley remains a cradle of innovation with 17 additions to the list this year.


Bloomberg Law subscribers are now able to directly link to Brief Analyzer from briefs opened from our dockets database. To access this new functionality, users must select and open a brief.


Privacy & Data Security

Bloomberg Law now tracks international contact tracing applications to mitigate the effect of Covid-19. This content is included in the International Privacy Profiles on the Privacy & Data Security Practice Center's International Resources page and on the In Focus: Coronavirus resources page.

Trademarks & Copyrights

Patents & Trade Secrets

A tile for Covid-19 Resources has been added to the home pages of both the Patents & Trade Secrets and the Trademarks & Copyrights Practice Centers, including curated links to Covid-19 related agency announcements, news, dockets, law firm client alerts, as well as a link to a search using "Covid-19" as the keyword through our Global Patents database.


In cooperation with Fenwick & West, the Silicon Valley law firm, Bloomberg Law has published its second annual Fenwick-Bloomberg Law SV 150 List. The list ranks the 150 largest public technology and life sciences companies in Silicon Valley by revenue and links to all 150 company profiles. The Fenwick-Bloomberg Law SV 150 List is published on the In Focus: Deal Points page and is an invaluable resource for lawyers working in the technology and life sciences industries.


New Chapter 13 International and Comparative Vaccine Laws has been added to theVaccine, Vaccination, and Immunization Law treatise and appears in the search results link in the In Focus: Coronavirus page. This chapter will be of interest primarily to government officials and vaccine manufacturers dealing with international vaccine issues, such as importation and assertion of intellectual property rights, persons engaged in international efforts for the promotion of vaccination, and legislators and regulators interested in the examples of relative success presented by the comparative operation of other systems.

A new sixth edition of Employment Discrimination Lawis now available on Bloomberg Law. This definitive treatise provides a balanced and unbiased approach and reflects the combined efforts of attorneys representing the plaintiff/public, management, and union employment bars. Published in partnership with the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law, the new edition's 44 chapters include discussions of discrimination in the contexts of disparate treatment and retaliation, national origin and citizenship religion, sexual orientation and gender identity, and much more.

Arbitration 2019: The Future of Work is now available on Bloomberg Law. The work is a record of the 72nd Annual Proceedings of the National Academy of Arbitrators.

A new landing page providing easy access to Bloomberg Law Books & Treatises is now live, including associated Disco searches available into each primary category in which we have offerings. The new page has been added to the main BLAW landing page under "Searches" and also to the "Secondary Source" menu.

May 2020


In Focus: Remaining Operational

As a result of the recent economic downturn, more and more businesses have been forced to consider whether to continue in operation or to dissolve their organization. To help in-house counsel and outside advisers provide well-informed advice on this issue, In Focus: Remaining Operationalfeatures a wealth of information on matters that a business must consider in order to continue operations, including content related to contracts, corporate governance, transactions, and employment issues. This page will help counsel make strategic decisions about their companies and provide them with the legal tools to execute those decisions.

In Focus: Business Closure

When remaining operational is not an option, In Focus: Business Closure helps attorneys at law firms advise their corporate clients on the most appropriate business closure strategies, including the available options and the ramifications each option has on employees, supply chains, and current litigation. Featuring new Practical Guidance documents, this page pulls content from various practice areas and provides practitioners with a complete package of resources to consider when making a decision to close a business.

In Focus: Lawyer Well-Being

After two 2016 studies set off alarm bells on the mental health of the legal profession, a small group of lawyers formed a national task force and started a movement to improve the health and well-being of legal professionals. Reflecting Bloomberg Law's support of this goal, the In Focus: Lawyer Well-Being page promotes a variety of resources in support of a good workplace environment, including:

  • A map with links to lawyer assistance programs across the country
  • Coverage of legal protections available for attorneys suffering or recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, or dealing with mental illness or other disabilities
  • A model well-being survey employers can use with their employees
  • News, analysis, and additional resources

In Focus: Covid-19 Financial Relief

New In Focus: Covid-19 Financial Reliefprovides coverage of the Small Business Administration and Federal Reserve Lending Programs (PPP, Main Street Lending, etc.) and a curated list of developments. New federal and state laws as well as actions of the federal financial regulators (SBA, OCC, FDIC, CFPB, etc.) are being tracked, as will any executive actions related to the effects of Covid-19 on the financial services industry. Highlights of the page include:

  • A curated list of top stories
  • Automated searches providing the most up to date BLAW news, insights, and alerts relating to Covid-19 financial relief
  • Curated lists of federal and state laws and regulations related to Covid-19 as well as federal enforcement and compliance efforts


A new Fast Answers container has been added to In Focus: Coronavirus, including coverage of emergency paid medical and sick leave, health insurance, Medicare, payroll tax credits, and small business loans.


Corporate Transactions

The Direct Listing Step-by-Step page is a new transactional Practical Guidance collection that provides a general overview of the steps and documentation required for the listing of an issuer's securities on a public trading market, such as a stock exchange, that is not accompanied by any offering of newly-issued securities by the issuer. These materials are for in-house and law firm transactional attorneys working on taking a corporation public without doing a traditional IPO that raises capital for the issuer. The new page is included in the Transactional Intelligence Center Practical Guidance Library, under Corporate Transactions on the Practical Guidance homepage, and on the Securities Practical Guidance Library under Public Offerings.

The Equipment Sale Leaseback page is a new Practical Guidance collection that provides a general overview of the actions and documentation required for this type of financing transaction under which a company sells equipment and machinery it currently owns, and then leases it back from the new owner. These materials are for in-house and law firm transactional attorneys working on raising funds for specific projects or to aid with an acquisition or buyout. This new resource is available in the Finance tile of the Transactional Intelligence Center Practical Guidance Library, as well as in the Corporate Transactions tile of the Practical Guidance homepage.


International Trade Covid-19 Developments Tracker covers new foreign regulations and guidance on importing and exporting goods related to the pandemic. Organized by country, the tracker provides the effective date, summary of the new requirement, issuing agency, links to official documents, and harmonized tariff codes (used to classify and define internationally traded goods) where available for the specific products affected.


Labor & Employment

The L&E Practice Center homepage was reorganized to improve user experience as well as include a new U.S. map, which will allow users to click through to a separate state resource page for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The new state pages provide news, case summaries, Practical Guidance, comparison charts, Chart Builders, posters, and primary source material for each state.

New Employment Checklists and Employment Forms & Letters pages, consisting of Practical Guidance documents, are now live on the L & E homepage and the Employment page.The L&E Reference Library has been revamped to add Bloomberg BNA Portfolios and Manuals to its existing coverage of Books & Treatises.


Analysis: Feds Seize PPE Using Unlitigated Hoarding Statute

Although price gouging is not covered explicitly by federal statute, the U.S. government has begun seizing medical supplies under the anti-hoarding provision of the Defense Production Act. That statute, however, is virtually unlitigated. For businesses that need to source scarce materials, there is little guidance that legal counsel can provide about permissible behaviors.


Rhode Island state court dockets are now available on Bloomberg Law including the Rhode Island Supreme Court and the Superior Courts for Kent, Newport, Providence/Bristol, and Washington counties (from January 2020, civil cases).


Users now have the ability to find court cases and United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) decisions that cite back to a Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) or Trademark Trial & Appeal Board (TTAB) opinion from a new Related Decisions icon on a PTAB or TTAB decision.


The Vaccines in Development chapter of the Vaccine, Vaccination, and Immunization Law resource has been reorganized and updated with a section on COVID-19. It now addresses characteristics of the disease along with the legal, regulatory, and intellectual property issues associated with development efforts for a vaccine against the virus.

April 2020


In Focus: Coronavirus

Covid-19 has made Bloomberg Law's In Focus: Coronavirus a go-to resource as well as a focus of our product development efforts. Recent enhancements, discussed below in greater detail, include: Quarantine and Public Health Law Tracker; Court Orders and Notices in Response to Covid-19 Tracker; Coronavirus Labor & Employment State Tracker; Coronavirus Outbreak news channel; Bloomberg Prognosis newsletter; and the Coronavirus Practical Guidance Toolkit.

In Focus: Telehealth

The Mobile Health page has been refocused on Telehealth, the electronic delivery of health-related services. Telehealth is a growing segment of the health sector, particularly in light of two federal laws that address the coronavirus crisis. In Focus: Telehealth is available on the Health Practice Center and the In Focus homepage.

In Focus: CCPA

A new California Consumer Privacy Act Practical Guidance topic page has been added to CCPA: In Focus, providing ease of access to all topically related Practical Guidance. The topic page is available on the Privacy & Data Security Practice Center homepage and the Corporate Practice Center's Compliance practice page.


State Apportionment of Fault Rules

A new state State Apportionment of Fault Rules content tool comparing laws across all 50 states and D.C. is now available. The tool includes overviews of contributory negligence, comparative negligence, andallocating liability among joint tortfeasors and is available from the Litigation Resources page.

Coronavirus Toolkit

The new Coronavirus Practical Guidance Toolkit, available on the In Focus: Coronavirus page, collects documents from across practice centers that will help corporate legal departments or their outside counsel navigate pandemic-related responses and changes to policies and procedures. More than 20 documents have been updated with editor's notes, annotations, and additional content. The Toolkit also includes newly created Practical Guidance documents identified as high-priority areas of coverage.

Mezzanine Step-by-Step Page

The Mezzanine Finance Step-by-Step page is a new Practical Guidance collection that provides a general overview of the steps and documentation required for financings that bridge the gap between equity and senior debt in a borrower's capital structure. These materials are for in-house and law firm transactional attorneys working on raising funds for specific projects or to aid with an acquisition or buyout. The collection augments both Bloomberg Law's M&A and Finance materials. It is available on the Transactional Practical Guidance Library, the Commercial Lending page, and the Practical Guidance homepage.


Coronavirus L&E State Tracker

A new Labor & Employment State Tracker on the In Focus: Coronavirus page highlights state and local developments related to Covid-19, including legislative and regulatory actions, executive orders, and agency guidance. It specifically excludes shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders, as well as orders directing business closures, state of emergency declarations, and appropriations.

Quarantine & Public Health Laws Tracker

A new Quarantine & Public Health Laws Tracker has been added to In Focus: Coronavirus page. The Tracker compares quarantine and public health laws across 52 U.S. states and territories, and the District of Columbia. It identifies applicable statutory laws and regulations, provides information about new emergency public health regulations, and includes links to state Covid-19 preparedness websites.

Court Orders & Notices in Response to Covid-19 Tracker

Court Orders & Notices in Response to Covid-19 provides daily updates on federal and state courts that have issued orders and other guidance on whether litigants and their counsel should appear in court under varying circumstances. The new Tracker is available on the In Focus: Coronavirus page.


The Draft Analyzer tool has an updated look, enhanced redlining and filtering functionality, and a new cluster map providing users a visual representation of how composite paragraphs compare to the user's language. Draft Analyzer uses machine learning to help lawyers compare provisions in their draft to similarly drafted paragraphs in the millions of exhibits filed in EDGAR.


Bloomberg Law Dockets has added coverage for Idaho state district courts and Florida District Courts of Appeal.


The Coronavirus Outbreak news channel consolidates Bloomberg Law's coverage of legal, tax and regulatory developments, along with business impact and strategy, across all practice areas.

The Bloomberg Prognosis newsletter offers a daily update on coronavirus and the global response to the outbreak by governments, businesses, and people


Gain data-based insights into the chilling effects of Covid-19 on the IPO market: ANALYSIS: Covid-19 Bear Market Biting Unicorns and Other IPOs



The Bankruptcy Practice Center has been extensively updated to present information on one consolidated, easy to navigate page. High value resources and tools, such as dockets and a new Bankruptcy Reference Library that consolidates all bankruptcy-related books, are featured prominently near the top of the page.

Labor & Employment

The Labor & Employment Practice Centerincludes a revised home page and added practice pages that highlight state resources on a single page for each state via an interactive map.


The Labor Relations Expeditor Manual is now two distinct Manuals: the Labor Relations Guide and the Labor Arbitration and Grievance Guide. The new Manuals present labor relations and arbitration issues in a format organized around practitioners' workflows. Available on the Labor & Employment Practice Center.

March 2020


In Focus: Coronavirus

The new In Focus: Coronavirus page covers legal issues involving pandemics, with specific emphasis on developments surrounding the coronavirus. The page includes the latest news, law firm client alerts, information for employers on pandemic preparedness, health law alerts, analysis pieces, and more. The new page is available on the homepage of Health, International Trade, Corporate, and Labor & Employment Practice Centers and in the In Focus Resources homepage.

In Focus: ESG

The new In Focus: ESG page covers environmental, social, and governance factors that may have a material impact on a company's performance. In-house counsel can use this new In Focus page to monitor ESG regulatory developments, assess potential risks and opportunities arising from ESG disclosures, and align their legal department's goals with corporate strategy. Law firm attorneys can use this page to monitor ESG regulatory developments and to assess potential risks and opportunities arising from ESG disclosures for their corporate clients. The new In Focus: ESG page can be found on the Corporate Practice Center, the Governance Practice Page, Legal Department Practice Page, and in the In Focus Resources homepage.

In Focus: CCPA

A map view of the CCPA Copycat Legislative Proposals Tracker, which monitors proposed legislation from states other than California that have implemented measures expanding consumer privacy rights (similar to the CCPA), is now available on the In Focus: CCPApage in the Privacy & Data SecurityPractice Center.



New Litigation Practical Guidance coverage – Magistrate Judges & Special Masters and Disqualification & Recusal – has been added to the Litigation Practical Guidance Library. Included are Overviews on referrals to a magistrate judge and the role of special masters. Disqualification & Recusal Practical Guidance covers judicial and attorney disqualification, including an Overview of each topic and coverage of a motion to disqualify, recuse a judge. The new content is also available via Practical Guidance homepage.


Bloomberg Law now offers a number of new Sample Contracts, including annotated pro-party contracts, in several areas of subscriber interest. In addition, a number of new Annotated Sample Clausesare now called out in a separate search within the Contract Drafting Practical Guidance tile on the Transactional Intelligence Center homepage.


Supreme Court Today Tracker

The Supreme Court Tracker has a new look and added functionality, including new filters for Status, Event, Primary Topic, Secondary Topic, Court Below, Docket Number, Date Filed, Review Date, Argument Date, Judgment/Decision Date, Dismissal Date, and Date Posted. Users have the option to set alerts as well as add searches to dashboards. The Supreme Court Tracker is available from the Litigation Intelligence Center homepageand the Trackers homepage.

Labor PLUS: Organizing & Bargaining Trackers

The Labor PLUS: Organizing & Bargaining Trackers have been enhanced to provide more effective filtering. A new landing page centralizes all five of the Labor PLUS databases including NLRB Elections, Work Stoppages, Unfair Labor Practice Charges, Settlement Summaries, and Contract Expirations. In addition, related content such as the full text of bargaining agreements and special labor reports is highlighted on the landing page. The new landing page is available on the Labor & Employment homepage, the Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining practice page, the Labor Arbitration practice page, the Government Employees practice page, and the Trackers homepage


General Lending: Change of Control

The new General Lending: Change of Control Chart Builder covers situations in which a state-licensed lender experiences a change in shareholders such that it constitutes a "change of control" under state law. The new Chart Builder illustrates which types of ownership changes amount to a change of control, and what filing or notice requirements apply when a change of control has occurred. Available on the Chart Builders homepage, in the Chart Builders drop-down on the Banking & Finance Practice Center, and on the Banking State Law Chart Builders landing page.

Family Leave Insurance

A new state law Family Leave Insurance Chart Builder has been added to the Labor & Employment Practice Center. Several states and the District of Columbia have recently adopted family leave insurance laws that provide workers with paid leave (as opposed to unpaid leave required under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act) when taking leave for reasons such as treatment of a serious health condition, to provide care for a family member's serious health condition, or the birth or adoption of a child. The paid leave benefits are typically funded through payroll taxes paid by the employer and/or employee


Bloomberg Law has launched the In-House Counsel News page and a weekly newsletter rounding up the biggest legal, regulatory, and compliance news items of interest to corporate counsel. It will include business of law coverage about in-house moves and practice trends, as well as contributions from leading practitioners and experts.


The coronavirus figures prominently in three recent Analysis pieces covering the Morgan Stanley E*Trade merger, coronavirus risk as a factor in company disclosures, and the effect of the coronavirus on contracts including analysis of supply chain disruptions and the implementation of force majeure provisions.

February 2020


Bloomberg Law's highly-anticipated Brief Analyzer was released February 10th to all Bloomberg Law complete subscribers. This AI-powered tool automates steps in traditional legal brief analysis, expediting the review and evaluation of cited authorities and suggesting additional resources for review.

The new litigation tool is easy to use. Simply upload or drag and drop a brief as indicated on the Brief Analyzer landing page. In seconds, Brief Analyzer will:

  • Display the brief and analysis in a side-by-side comparison
  • Suggest relevant content not cited in the brief, providing detailed reasons for the suggestions
  • Enhance your research by integrating practice tools such as BCiteSM, Points of Law, and Docket Key® into the brief analysis
  • Link to additional resources on our platform including similar briefs and Practical Guidance

Brief Analyzer is available from Popular Links on the Bloomberg Law homepage and via the Litigation Intelligence Center.


SEC Standards of Care

Bloomberg Law's new collection of SEC Standards of Care Practical Guidance will help you navigate one of the SEC's most significant recent rulemaking efforts, providing legal or compliance advice ahead of the June 2020 deadline for Regulation Best Interest and Form CRS. The rules are aimed at strengthening the standards of care governing the relationships between broker-dealers and investment advisers with their customers. The new Practical Guidance documents provide an overview of these requirements and interpretations of investment advisory principles, guidance on compliance considerations, and best practice tips on implementation. This new Practical Guidance is available on the In Focus: SEC Regulation Best Interest page.


Labor & Employment

A new Local L&E Coverage page is available on the Labor & Employment Practice Center under Laws & Regulations. This page describes the scope of Bloomberg Law's local L&E content coverage and provides a list of all covered localities and topics. It compiles our local materials and tools, including Local Quick Reference Charts, state Chart Builders, a state preemption map, and links to municipal ordinances.


The Gap in CCPA-Compliant Privacy Notices

Read Mark Smith's new Analysis article, inspecting all of Gap, Inc.'s online consumer privacy notices and information and comparing them to the requirements of the newly effective California Consumer Privacy Act. It provides a clear point-by-point examination of how the largest consumer retailer based in California has executed the obligations now facing any entity covered by the new law.

January 2020


Corporate Transactions

The new Acquisition Finance Step-by-Step Practical Guidance collection provides a general overview of the steps and documentation required for typical forms of funding used to finance the acquisition of a business. These materials are for in-house and law firm transactional attorneys working on strategic acquisitions on behalf of corporate or financial investors such as private equity funds. The collection augments both Bloomberg Law's M&A and Finance materials. Acquisition Finance Practical Guidance is available on the Transactional Practical Guidance Library, the Commercial Lending page, and the Practical Guidance homepage.


Telehealth Practical Guidance includes a new set of sample agreements, forms, and checklists that can be used by practitioners in operating a telehealth services provider company or working with providers wishing to operate a telehealth program. Featuring documents from Amy F. Lerman of Epstein Becker & Green, P.C., the collection offers guidance on developing a telehealth business model, identifying key compliance risk areas, addressing privacy and data security issues, and contracting with physicians and vendors. It also includes practitioner perspectives from the American Health Lawyers Association on an array of issues related to telehealth services. It is available on the Health Practice Center, the Health Information & Technology Page, and the Practical Guidancehomepage.


Bloomberg Law's new suite of Litigation Finance Practical Guidance will help users navigate this complex and growing industry. The new guidance covers litigation finance industry basics, funding terms and structures, legal ethics, client types, and more. A link to this content can be found on the In Focus: Litigation Finance page and the Practical Guidance homepage.

New Practical Guidance Resource Type

Bloomberg Law has introduced a new type of annotated contract-related Practical Guidance, Sample Clauses, which allow lawyers to "import" specific clauses they need into an existing contract. This content is especially valuable to in-house counsel and other lawyers who work with different types of contracts.


A budget bill enacted December 20th incorporates the "Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act" (SECURE Act), which includes numerous retirement provisions. Coverage of the new act has been added to the Benefits and Executive Compensation Practice Center, which includes a new SECURE Act tile at the top of the homepage. It features the SECURE Act language that affects retirement and healthcare plans as well as a Secure Act Summary and Secure Act Roadmap. More analysis and tools will be added to the practice center in the coming weeks.

The new Employee Benefits COLA Chart on the Benefits and Executive Compensation Practice Center includes retirement and cost of living adjustments for 2020. The chart includes annual IRS limitations for qualified retirement plans, IRAs, health and welfare benefits, fringe benefits, and social security benefits alongside related Internal Revenue Code sections and regulations.


Court Analytics adds another dimension to Litigation Analytics, providing aggregate motion and appeal outcome rates and aggregate length of case statistics, with a comparison option between jurisdictions and filtering by company, law firm, and attorney appearances. It offers strategic insights into venue selection and the jurisdictional history of law firms, attorneys, and companies.

Litigation Analytics – including Court Analytics – is available under "Popular Links" on the Bloomberg Law homepage and on the Litigation Intelligence Center landing page (hyperlink to "Litigation Analytics Dashboard")


Docket Key search functionality has been expanded to all federal district courts. Now, users can search all federal district courts for access to briefs, motions, orders, and additional filings – 20 filing types in all.

It is featured prominently in the Dockets Search template, available from "Popular Links" on the Bloomberg Law homepage and GO Bar search, and in the Find A Court Filing tile on the Litigation Intelligence Center.


New interactive Table of Contents functionality has been added to the collection of Books & Treatises and Manuals on Bloomberg Law. The functionality allows users to quickly and easily navigate to any part of a treatise or manual. Previously, this functionality had been added to our collection of Portfolios.