Court Analytics

Bloomberg Law’s Court Analytics enables users to gain valuable insights on Federal District Courts, including Motion Outcomes, Appeal Outcomes, Length of Cases, and Appearances & Case Types.


Motion Outcomes

See how a Federal Court has ruled on Motions to Dismiss, Motions for Summary Judgment, and Motions for Class Certification. Filter decisions by Outcomes, Date, Legal Topic, and quickly access motion opinions.


Appeal Outcomes

See how often a Federal Court is Affirmed, Reversed or Affirmed/Reversed in Part. Filter decisions by Date, Legal Topic, and quickly access the decisions.


Length of Case

See how long cases generally take before in the selected Federal Court. Narrow by Case Type to zero in on the case types relevant to you (e.g., employment law cases)


Appearance & Case Types

See what Case Types, Law Firms, Attorneys, or Companies have appeared most frequently before a Federal Court.



  • Motion Outcomes and Appeal Outcomes analytics are based on Bloomberg Law’s Court Opinion and BCITE information. Topic information is generated from the topics tagged to a Federal Court’s opinions.
  • Length of Case and Appearances & Case Types analytics are based on U.S. District Court dockets from 2007-forward, excluding criminal dockets and prisoner petitions. Case type information is generated from the Nature of Suit codes assigned to the individual dockets.