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Bloomberg Law News

Stay ahead of legal developments and gain critical insights into the implications for your clients or organization. Bloomberg Law's News -- 40+ channels -- provides customizable delivery of timely and concise news you can rely on. Key features include:

  • Delivery of news as it happens
  • Daily newsletter highlighting the day's top stories
  • User-defined custom email alerts sent at a time and frequency you choose
  • Bloomberg Law Practitioner Insights

  1. For quick access to all Bloomberg Law News channels, click the Browse button and select News & Analysis. news-01

  2. Select Bloomberg Law News.

  3. A drop-down menu will display all news channels. Select the news channel of interest to you.

  4. You can also access news channels via the GO Bar, including autocomplete functionality.

  5. Type in a news channel name -- such as Health Law and Business -- and the Go Bar will autocomplete the name.

  6. Click Navigation to go directly to the news channel.

news-04 news-05

Access thought leadership on emerging issues in the law from expert practitioners through Practitioner Insights , accessible on each news channel.


Filter Stories and Create an Alert

Easily view all news stories in list view and Filter by Article Type, Topic, Court, Federal Statute, Federal Agency, Company, Law Firm, and Location, based on your areas of interest.Create customized Alerts of updated results for specific news channels, and you will receive emails to your inbox notifying you of updates at a frequency of your choosing.

  1. Navigate to the specific news channel of your choosing.
  2. Click View and Filter All Stories at the top of the news channel.


  1. Select your Filters from the panel on the left.


From the results list, you can create an alert.

  1. Select Create Alert at the top of the results list.


The Create Alert pop-up appears.


  1. In the Alert Title field, input the name for the alert. This will be the subject line for any e-mails that are triggered by the alert.
  2. From the Frequency drop-down menu, select the desired frequency.
  3. (Optional) Enter desired Tags , Client Matter , and/or a Description of the alert.
  4. (Optional) Type in the Distributed To field to add alert recipient email addresses, names, or distribution lists. Notifications are sent to your primary email address by default.
  5. Click Save.

You receive an e-mail when new stories are added that meet the search criteria. The notifications are also stored in your Alerts Inbox.

Subscribe to a Newsletter

Subscribe to the newsletter for a desired news channel on Bloomberg Law to have the news come straight to your inbox. Subscribers to the newsletter will receive regular email updates with the latest headlines and summaries, as well as Breaking News emails, as warranted by news events. Newsletters include:

  • Links at the top of the email for quick access to sections of interest
  • Links to documents mentioned in stories, such as court decisions or final rules
  • Lists of law firms and companies mentioned in the day's news with links to the article in which they are mentioned
  • Groupings of article headlines and summaries by topic or type of story, for quick scanning
  1. Navigate to the specific news channel of your choosing.
  2. Click Subscribe to Newsletter at the top of the page.


The Subscriptions pop-up appears.


  1. Click the button next to Newsletters to opt-in to the newsletter for that News Channel.
  2. Click Save.

Bloomberg Law Analysis

Bloomberg Law Analysis helps you stay up to date on emerging trends in developing areas of the law, while also staying abreast of changes in traditional areas of the law. Our Analysts are subject matter expert legal analysts and data scientists that leverage their deep expertise to provide perspective and insight around legal and regulatory developments and trends. Key features in the Analysis Channel include:

  • Data driven analysis providing you perspective on key legal topics and trends
  • User-defined custom email alerts sent at a time and frequency that you choose
  • Links to other relevant analysis resources on Bloomberg Law
  1. For quick access to the Bloomberg Law Analysis channel, click the Browse button and select News & Analysis.


  1. Select Bloomberg Law Analysis.


  1. You can also access the Bloomberg Law Analysis channel via the GO Bar by typing in Law Analysis, and the Go Bar will autocomplete the name.
  2. Click Navigation to go directly to the news channel.



Bloomberg Terminal News

Access over 75,000 news sources through the Terminal News Search. Create custom, targeted news searches limited by both keywords and fielded criteria with the Terminal News Search. Customize your News Search using the Company or Ticker, names of People, by Topics, by Regions, and by Industries.

  1. From the Browse menu, select News & Analysis.


  1. Select News from Bloomberg Terminal.


  1. Select News Search.


  1. You can also access the Terminal News Search via the GO Bar, by typing in News and the Go Bar will autocomplete the name.


  1. Click Navigation to go directly to the News Search. The News Search modal will populate on the screen.


Example : Search for news of litigation settlements.

  1. In the Keywords field, type "settle".


  1. Scroll down to the Topics field. In the Topics field, type "lit" and, from the autocomplete list, choose Litigation.


  1. Click Search.
  2. From the top of your results list, you can Modify or Filter your search, as well as Create an Alert.


To set a search alert, click Create Alert at the top of the search results list or at the bottom of the search modal. Once you have created an alert, you will be notified when there are new items are available that match your search criteria.