Download Center

The Download Center is Bloomberg Law’s staging platform for printing, downloading and emailing documents, including Company Reports. It enables you to monitor the status of print, download and email requests. Add documents directly to Workspaces from the Download Center. All documents in the Download Center are deleted after seven days. To store a document for a longer period, save it to one of your Workspaces or use Zip/Download to store it on your computer.

Filter the items in the Download Center by Keyword, Status, or Format.

How to Access the Download Center

From the Bloomberg Law Homepage, click My Work History in the menu bar at the top of the page. Select Downloads. At the top of the list of recent Downloads, select View All.

How to Download a Document to the Download Center

To download a document so that it appears in the Download Center, click the Icon Save icon that appears at the top of the document.

The Print/Download dialog box displays. Note: the options on the Print/Download box reflect the type of content selected for print/download. Make the relevant selections and click PRINT/DOWNLOAD. The document or Results list are sent the Download Center. If Email me when this is ready to download is selected, an email is sent.

Download 2

To access the Download list, click My Work History | Downloads. At the top right of the Downloads list, click View All Downloads.

Download Dropdown

On the Download Center filter documents by Status or File Format. View the status of each document. Select a document to Delete, Download, or Add to Workspace.

Download Center

Bloomberg Law print, download and email options provide dynamic options according to each type of document. From a Search Results list, print individual documents or the entire results list. Documents can be added to the Saved for Later queue for the simultaneous printing of multiple documents.

Quick Print, Print/Download, or Email a Document

The Quick Print, Print/Download and Email links are available in the same place for each document. You can also add documents to Save for Later. The icons displayed below correspond as follows: 1. Quick Print; 2. Print/Download; 3. Email; 4. Add to Workspace; and 5. Save for Later.

Print Download Options

Icon PrintQuick Print - Print directly using the browser's print function.

Icon SavePrint/Download - Print individual documents from a Search Results list.

Print Download Generic

Icon MailEmail - Send documents to individuals with a Bloomberg Law subscription. The Email dialog box has 2 tabs. On the Email tab, add the email addresses of additional subscribers, separated by semi-colons, in the Send To frame. The sender's email address is automatically added in the Send To field.

The Document Options tab displays the same options as the Print/Download dialog box.

Note: When you choose to print, download or email court opinions, the Document Options tab displays options for, Court Opinion and BCite, Court Opinion only, or BCite only.

Print Dialog Email Generic Print Dialog Email Doc Options Generic

When printing, downloading and emailing a specific EDGAR filing choose to export the Form only, Forms & Exhibits, or Exhibits only. You can also choose which exhibits to print.

Print Download Edgar

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Print, Download & Email Search Results Lists

Email, Save or Print/Download individual documents or the entire Search Results list.

Print Download


Run a search.


To print a Search Results list, do not select any document(s) in the search results list and click the Print/Download icon. Select Download All from the drop-down menu.

Print Download Results List

A pop-up will appear. Select All Pages or select a Page Range and click Ok.

Print Download Results List

Your Results List will appear in the Download Center. From there, you can select the file to download and print the Search Results List.

Print Download Results List

For Email options, click the Email icon to the right of to the download icon. The Download box displays various content and formatting options. Make your selections and click Ok.

Email Dialog Box


Use Workspaces to save search results. On the Search Results list, filter your search results and click Select All. Click Add to Workspace.

Workspace Oil Gas

Select the relevant Workspace and optionally use Tags to identify the documents, and/or select Mark it as Important. The documents are saved as individual items in the Workspace, not as a concatenated list.

Workspace Save

Workspaces Dropdown