Bloomberg Law Overview

Content and tools, homepage, site navigation, go bar search.

Learn how to search effectively on Bloomberg Law to retrieve the information you need.

Practice Centers Overview

Learn how content and tools are organized across 16 Practice Centers.


Learn how to access and search, set alerts, customize news feeds, more.

Bloomberg Law Analysis

Find timely, data-based analysis of the issues changing the legal market.

Brief Analyzer Part 1

Learn how to upload a brief and run the brief analysis tool.

Brief Analyzer Part 2

Learn how to review and use the brief analysis report.

Dockets Part 1

How to track developments affecting cases, businesses, adversaries, more.

Dockets Part 2

How to access, filter, search, set alerts and find specific filings.

Points of Law

How to access and use Points of Law as part of enhanced case law research.

Litigation Analytics

Learn how to access data-based analysis of judges, courts, attorneys, law firms, and companies.

Smart Code

Identify the strength of court opinions that reference state and federal codes, rules, and regulations.

Learn how to search this forms database to find the information you need.

Practical Guidance

Learn how to access and use Practical Guidance; see what's covered.

Chart Builders

Learn how to create multi-state, topical reports in an easy-to-read format.

In Focus

Learn how to access in-depth coverage of developing legal issues.

Global Patents

Learn how to search our database of more than 100 million patents from over 100 granting authorities.

Workflow Tools

How to use downloads, alerts, research trail and workspaces.